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Originally from Visalia, California, the Escalantes’ were married in 1996 and served at a local church until relocated in 1998 to Washington state where Mike embarked on his first military assignment.  While stationed there, Mike and Teresa began ministering together in a local church serving in various positions, such as executive assistants, worship team, college and career, men’s and women’s ministries, and as youth directors.

Mike received Military orders to California shortly after their ordination in 2012.  This meant leaving their friends after 14 years.  They enjoyed ministering with their friends and committed to continue in ministry while executing military orders, with the hope of returning back to Washington state in their hearts they moved. 

While in The Golden State, they enjoyed serving their new community with an outreach to military families and Teresa releasing a music project. They also served in Ridgecrest,  through worship, children’s and, small group ministries. 

     In 2015, #TeamEscalante experienced another military transfer, this time to Virginia. This would be their last duty station. Mike completed his military service in 2019. He started a business and has published articles. Currently in addition to his full time job he is writing books. 


Throughout their lifetime they have learned many lessons about marriage, servant leadership and team ministry, parenting. As a result this blog was created to share insights they’ve discovered while leading and serving in the church.  Their desire is to see congregations come together and carry out their God-given purpose within their community, and thriving for God’s glory.

Mike and Teresa’s call is to motivate people to live for Christ through their personal testimonies, biblical teaching, and leadership experience wherever the Lord leads them.

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