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Leaning in…..

So this is not the normal post. I am taking time off to attend the wave conference in Virginia Beach. This spiritual conference is very important to me and my family to attend because of our situation.

My wife and I loved  volunteering  with our ministry friends in Washington and California. There is power in connection to church. Since the Lord orchestrated for us to be here east of the Mississippi, we have been searching for another church we can call home and get planted.  We want to grow and develop into who the Lord has called us to be. We know this is not the end of our ministry in California but rather a moment to fortify our foundation as leaders.  You don’t take a step back but you progress by leaning in. That’ll preach,right?
    That’s what we are doing. Teresa and I Will be leaning in to the pressence as we continue to deepen our relationship with Jesus.  I’ll update with posts and highlights. 

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