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Leaning in…..

So this is not the normal post. I am taking time off to attend the wave conference in Virginia Beach. This spiritual conference is very important to me and my family to attend because of our situation.

My wife and I loved  volunteering  with our ministry friends in Washington and California. There is power in connection to church. Since the Lord orchestrated for us to be here east of the Mississippi, we have been searching for another church we can call home and get planted.  We want to grow and develop into who the Lord has called us to be. We know this is not the end of our ministry in California but rather a moment to fortify our foundation as leaders.  You don’t take a step back but you progress by leaning in. That’ll preach,right?
    That’s what we are doing. Teresa and I Will be leaning in to the pressence as we continue to deepen our relationship with Jesus.  I’ll update with posts and highlights. 

Help Wanted

it is Monday August 3, 2015. as most of us (who work days) are heading in to work, there are men and women who wake up reeling from a spiritual high to begin the futile search of different employment. It is futile not because of their talent or gifts it’s because they feel they may not be able to do anything else. This person could be your pastor!!??
What?! you say? the man of God? let me share what has been on my heart. I remember reading a study done by the Barna research group. They had noted that the average longevity of a pastor is approximately eight to ten years as its noted that 1800 ministers leave the ministry each month. similarly every year as six new churches open their doors, four churches will close theirs. what does all this mean?
It means Ministers need us. The lost need us. to put it simply “HLEP WANTED”. People need People. I believe this is how the Lord designed us. it takes us walking along side our Pastors to fulfil the great commission. It takes every man, woman, and child to help those who are hurting. To meet the need; be willing to walk with those who are struggling. there are many reasons that Pastors leave the ministry. more often, it is because they don’t see themselves as effective. consider the prophet Elijah.
After a considerable triumph over Baal’s leaders and the notice of queen scorned. he fled at the threat of his life. although for me as a church goer I never thought my pastor was threatened. he was “a Man of God” after all. But, he is a man. a man that has a family, Struggles with the same stuff I do. he has bills like I have bills. he as dreams like I have dreams. the threats of your pastor may not be as severe as their life. My question is? what are you doing as a Christ follower to help them from looking at the job postings

Moving Forward


Thank you , for reading our post. this was on my mind . i hope you enjoy it.

After putting my son down for the night, and i look at his toys and as my wife is getting ready to shower i look back and think to myself. It has been a good three years. I tell my self that as we make our preparations for our move to the east coast. Yes friends, my career has taken another monumental step. -i moving forward!!

I was praying one night and i felt the Lord was really wanting me to evaluate how much i truly trusted him to take control of my life. i had entrusted everything to Jesus except my career. that was mine. i loved my church family in Oak Harbor WA. i also enjoyed my location. so for me it was win-win.
so fast forward to that night while on deployment in 2011 when i was praying i felt his Holy Spirit impress upon me if i would trust him with my career? i said yes but i was reluctant, for i knew that meant that i did not have a say in where i would want to go. rather, he would direct ( which is another topic altogether). He sent us to Ridgecrest CA. Here we learned several things and met some inspirational people. many of whom we will treasure the rest of our days. T and I felt that this season of our lives was more of God allowing us to “gel” as a family. to develop our family dynamic and to rest for we were non-stop for about nine years straight.
we are rested and have been refreshed. i am now ready to move forward and to fulfill what i believe God has called me to do.
i declare this not out of arrogance but out of humility. so that i may come boldly before the throne of grace rejoicing that the Lord is on my side encouraging us as a family to continue to venture out beyond our level of comfort. to impart to those we impact. Pray for the hurting. reaching the world.
i want you to make it every day. celebrate the wins NO MATTER HOW SMALL. Get rest needed to function. love the unlovable and help the misfits fit.

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