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On the wrong foot….-D.M. Escalante-

I hope this post finds you doing well. How was your Holiday? Were you able to enjoy it? As the new year begins, I wanted to wish everyone a prosperous new year. I even sent out a post. However, only the headline was published. Oh man?

I started the year off on the wrong foot.  Aarrrgg! How could I have allowed this? Am I the only one that started off the new year incorrectly? Is there such a thing as “blog post-forgiveness?” sorry for that.

What will this year hold for us?    This is the year for growing.  I hope to grow as a blogger.  I believe this is the year where I will be able to connect more with the blog and even see where I believe I am supposed to be at. One thing I do know, we are in it together. You and I.  what are your goals? Did you happen to eat that donut even though you said you weren’t? or did you forget to pack the gym clothes for your 365-day fitness challenge?  Whatever or wherever you may have missed the mark I encourage you to get up and try again.

In my case, I want to move into my destiny.  I want to move to where I have reason to believe the Lord has for me. It will take lots of work meaning lots of faith. I believe I am not the only one.

I wish you a most progressive new year. I pray that you find blessings this year.


Happy new year

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