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Friday Focus: Meet the need.- D.M.Escalante-escalanteministries

1 Kings 19:21 So Elisha left him and went back. He took his yoke of oxen and slaughtered them. He burned the plowing equipment to cook the meat and gave it to the people, and they ate. Then he set out to follow Elijah and became his servant.

Meet the need. Do you what I find interesting?  Elisha was plowing in the field before Elijah put his mantle on him.

Elisha was minding his own business plowing the family field, and then the man of God while on his way (Elijah did not stop) placed his mantle or his vision on Elisha.  I reason that,  in order for me to get the mantle that God has for me. I have to be working out in my field; the area that I have been sent to  (even now I am getting “goosebumps” as I type this!!). Or to put this in another way:

In order for me to find my destiny I must be in action.  In my field

My field?  What I had to learn, the hard way; that with every failed attempt to be part of a ministry, team,  or serving group.   I was one step closer to finding my own platform where I felt God was using me to the fullest potential.

As it turns out I had a platform all along. My platform was where I worked,  on my Job,  leading and guiding men and women of different through diverse life experiences.

Hear me out: I was not “preachy” or had an evangelism service every time I clocked in. I was plowing the field (more on”plowing the field” that in a different post). I was being the best I supervisor I could be. I wanted to be the shrewd manager by investing in my people.  Making sure my subordinates were on track professionally with their career goals and progress while maintaining improved production.  Age was not a factor either.

you see it’s not about ages. I have seen 34 year olds act like teenagers.  I have also seen teenagers with wives and children act as responsible as CEO’s.  So it is not about age as it is about stage. that is why Paul wrote timothy (his understudy) to not look at the people’s faces and feel judged…

It meant that location is important.

I recognized I am where I am supposed to be.  Ask Real Estate professionals the secret to success a common reply is: location, location, location.  Period.

Uh, can I ask you?

Where are you at?  Are you plowing your field; Your realm of influence working as unto God?

I pray you have been enriched through these words. I look forward to hearing of the platform you have.  Leave a comment and share.


Friday Focus: Pre-season matters. 

I enjoy football. I enjoyed the teams I played with and the schools I represented.  I was not a College or professional player.  I only played seriously  from Fourth grade through my high school years but, it was enough to grow in love with the game.

I used football as an outlet to keep my mind off things at home.  My home situation was not great growing up, so many of my frustrations were released on the field. Playing as an offensive and defensive lineman and ultimately linebacker I gave my best in each of those positions.  I Did what the coaches told me, even as a second string player I gave it my best,  every down during practice.  Instead of accepting that I was not going to start, I changed my mindset and accepted that I “get” to start every day, in practice. and used that mindset to push our players to the limit. they knew if they were not playing the best I was right there to challenge them for their spot. I was hungry and never let up. I made sure the starting team was ready for our next team.   I wrote this to share with you my affinity of the sport.

I look to the 2018 football season with wonder.  I am sure that many of the new prospects that were drafted  want to win a super-bowl.  All 32 teams hoping to get the very best of their investment in each player. Sadly, only one Team will win the championship.while many reflect on the season and make changes.  however, it is the preseason that I want to focus on for this Friday Focus.

The regular games are intense, but in my opinion, the preseason seems to be more intense. the new players  are demonstrating why they should remain on  the team or, removed from the platform only to settle for lesser viewed leagues or clubs or a normal 9-5 job.

The preseason is the period between last season and the new season where each team must cut down their roster and choose the best player for their club. it’s these new recruits that work harder, hit stronger and give all their effort because for the players that are on a temporary contract, its only preseason. but to the rookie? THIS IS THE GAME!!!!!

They work hard, hustle at practice and leave their best effort on the field; knowing that at the end of the preseason they may face being cut from the team yet, they still play with the same intensity.  As the legendary motivator Les Brown once said, “you’ve got to be hungry!” the young men on the field play “hungry”. they know that this moment while they are at the professional level  this could also mean their only shot staying on the team being part of a group of men others dream about since infancy. well, not infancy but pretty young in age.   Its what many dream about.  the team cannot keep all of the players though,  they must reduce the team to 53.  Even at this level there is still an elimination.  its like winning a race only to find there is another round to qualify for. This is all or nothing for many of these rookies. and they  like many of us play “hungry” we don’t want to get cut. We as men have dreams and goals and visions for our lives and families.

What about us as leaders? are we as men “playing hungry”?   Playing with the intensity of a rookie ball player, working hard to stay on the team?  or as ministers serving the Lord Jesus doing whatever it takes to bring the Gospel to the lost?  Do we sit back as those veteran ball players who have fat-contacts and don’t really have to perform as hard (no shade)?

If we can look at every Church service as an opportunity for a soul to come home, then it will be easy to say that church services are the REAL game days in which WE ALL, from the Pastor to the pew work together to help people connect with the Savior of the world.  you see, each day is a Superbowl when it comes to reaching the disconnected for the glory of Jesus. the stakes of this game however, are life and death..

I my opinion, I feel the closing of each day is likened to a down played, like the fourth down and punting the ball is not an option!  When it comes to souls? WE are going for it….  Praying for you this weekend as we do our best where we serve..

Wednesday wedding tip – D.M. Escalante –

Coffee Shop, American Flag, America, Coffee, Flag, Shop

Let’s pretend that you and I have made this appointment to talk about marriage.  I trust that we could be sitting down for a cup of coffee or whatever. I know a chill place at town-center we can go to.

If I could add value to your marriage I would say the following verse right here, has helped me answer the “why” in my personal relationship with God. Read the rest of this entry

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