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Leadership is not always pretty. I watched how the movies serve up the hero; smooth, calm and, collective. Calling the shots like a boss.
It makes me want to be like that leader or that coach we see in the movies. I watched the movie Remember the Titans. Do you remember the scene during one part of the movie the football coach was breaking the players individuality down to reveal the need for them to rise as a team. The Coach’s way of discipline may seem brutish however, it was very effective. I later had found out that this movie was based on actual events.

While watching, My friend says “man, I could totally do that!!” I simply chuckled, as I thought to myself. not because of my friends comment. I chuckled because of what I have experienced in my leadership and what I know what it takes to be that inspiring leader.

Because leaders make leadership look easy. We look to them and believe they are larger than life. We may meet them as a character in a movie, we have known them all, but five or ten minutes of the movie and when the movie gets to the climax we are rooting when the leader is victorious. We see leaders rise in emergency situations. We assume no evil befalls them.. They don’t have “craziness” going on in their life.

In reality, it is totally different. Leaders are actively working when others are just getting to work. Leaders are those who bring a solution to the complaint or question they may have.

Leaders are human. They endure family issues they carry struggles with the metaphorical “thorn in the flesh” like the apostle Paul did. They have short comings. they fight with one hand on the battle ahead and yet another building their home. True leaders will admit they are not perfect. True leaders understand that ultimately love patches the wounds in their leadership. But leaders are tough. They push when others quit. They are the ones who thrive when others die-off because they have “grit” and sheer will. Leaders continue to lead while building up their weaknesses.
Leaders purpose their days, and not allow their days to rule them. They fight to complete priorities because LEADERS ARE ones who finish.
If you want to lead, i have given you some good guidance to start.

Here is the secret: You can already do this stuff!!! You might have to square up with the reflection you see in the mirror every morning and choose to be the leader you desire to be.
I bet you have some questions-good leaders always do. I want you to have the courage to ask questions.

How do you lead where you are?

What if no one is following you?
What would Jesus do? ha ha.
what does leadership look like to you?

I hope we can discover together what it takes to lead from a biblical perspective. share you questions.
So let’s pack our bags and go on this trip together. i can assure you we both can use this..

..Thank you for reading my post I hope we can connect in the future. If you have any prayer requests, let’s connect and join in prayer together. God bless you.

Liderzago – D.M.Escalante

El liderazgo no siempre es bonito. Observé cómo las películas sirven al héroe; suave, tranquilo y colectivo. Llamar a los jefes como un jefe.
Me hace querer ser como ese líder o ese entrenador que vemos en las películas. Vi la película Remember the Titans. ¿Recuerda la escena durante una parte de la película que el entrenador de fútbol estaba rompiendo la individualidad de los jugadores para revelar la necesidad de que se levanten como equipo? La forma de disciplina del Entrenador puede parecer brutal, sin embargo, fue muy efectivo. Más tarde descubrí que esta película estaba basada en hechos reales.

Mientras miraba, Mi amigo dice “¡¡Totalmente podría hacer eso!”. Simplemente me reí entre dientes, como pensé. no por el comentario de mis amigos. Me reí entre dientes por lo que he experimentado en mi liderazgo y lo que sé lo que se necesita para ser ese líder inspirador.

Porque los líderes hacen que el liderazgo parezca fácil. Los buscamos y creemos que son más grandes que la vida. Puede que los conozcamos como un personaje en una película, los hemos conocido a todos, pero cinco o diez minutos de la película y cuando la película llega al clímax, estamos enraizando cuando el líder sale victorioso. Vemos que los líderes se levantan en situaciones de emergencia. Suponemos que no les sucede ningún mal … No tienen “locura” en su vida.

En realidad, es totalmente diferente. Los líderes están trabajando activamente cuando otros recién están empezando a trabajar. Los líderes son aquellos que aportan una solución a la queja o pregunta que puedan tener.

Los líderes son humanos. Soportan problemas familiares que abordan las luchas con la metafórica “espina en la carne” como lo hizo el apóstol Pablo. Tienen deficiencias: pelean con una mano en la batalla que se avecina y otra más construyendo su hogar. Los verdaderos líderes admitirán que no lo son. Los verdaderos líderes entienden que, en última instancia, el amor remueve las heridas de su liderazgo. Pero los líderes son duros. Empujan cuando otros renuncian. Son los que prosperan cuando otros mueren porque tienen “garra” y voluntad pura. Los líderes continúan liderar mientras construyen sus debilidades.
Los líderes determinan sus días y no permiten que sus días los dominen. Luchan para completar las prioridades porque los LÍDERES son los que terminan.
Si quieres liderar, te he dado una buena orientación para comenzar.

Aquí está el secreto: ¡Ya puedes hacer esto! Puede que tenga que cuadrar con el reflejo que ve en el espejo cada mañana y elegir ser el líder que desea ser.
Apuesto a que tienes algunas preguntas, los buenos líderes siempre lo hacen. Quiero que tengas el coraje de hacer preguntas.

¿Cómo conduces donde estás?

¿Qué pasa si nadie te está siguiendo?
¿Qué haría Jesús? jaja.
¿Qué te parece el liderazgo?

Espero que podamos descubrir juntos lo que se necesita para conducir desde una perspectiva bíblica. comparte tus preguntas
Así que empaquémonos y vayamos juntos a este viaje. Te puedo asegurar que ambos podemos usar esto …

Gracias por leer mi publicación. Espero que podamos conectarnos en el futuro. Si tiene alguna petición de oración, conectemos y unámonos a la oración juntos. Dios te bendiga.

Help Wanted

it is Monday August 3, 2015. as most of us (who work days) are heading in to work, there are men and women who wake up reeling from a spiritual high to begin the futile search of different employment. It is futile not because of their talent or gifts it’s because they feel they may not be able to do anything else. This person could be your pastor!!??
What?! you say? the man of God? let me share what has been on my heart. I remember reading a study done by the Barna research group. They had noted that the average longevity of a pastor is approximately eight to ten years as its noted that 1800 ministers leave the ministry each month. similarly every year as six new churches open their doors, four churches will close theirs. what does all this mean?
It means Ministers need us. The lost need us. to put it simply “HLEP WANTED”. People need People. I believe this is how the Lord designed us. it takes us walking along side our Pastors to fulfil the great commission. It takes every man, woman, and child to help those who are hurting. To meet the need; be willing to walk with those who are struggling. there are many reasons that Pastors leave the ministry. more often, it is because they don’t see themselves as effective. consider the prophet Elijah.
After a considerable triumph over Baal’s leaders and the notice of queen scorned. he fled at the threat of his life. although for me as a church goer I never thought my pastor was threatened. he was “a Man of God” after all. But, he is a man. a man that has a family, Struggles with the same stuff I do. he has bills like I have bills. he as dreams like I have dreams. the threats of your pastor may not be as severe as their life. My question is? what are you doing as a Christ follower to help them from looking at the job postings

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