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What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31 KJV)

If God be for us, than who cam be against us? Too often the question comes to the forefront of I am not able to carry out the task of _________(fill the blank).

You get the idea. “I don’t think I’m able to support my pastor,” or “I don’t think I’m ready to begin ministry,” How can I lead? “. Well the answer lies in these words penned over two thousand years ago.

I want to share that apart from Christ, we can do nothing ………. That means nothing , NO-thing, projects that have been completed without the leading and direction of his holy inspiration will come to ruin in time. This is why, in my opinion, many “on fire leaders” soon burn out as a result of an unbalanced life style. But that is another focus.

I have a tool box at home and each tool has a function, even the brake-bleeder kit with its rustic blend of hose and jar with a coat hanger to compliment the home manufactured asset. Each tool is designed for use to assist in the production of the end item; the repair of my truck.

The tools by themselves  cannot do anything.   However, in the hands of a”mechanical ninja,” (like myself ha-ha) these tools Read the rest of this entry

What Will It Be For You?

2014, today marks the beginning of the New year. For many this is the first day of their resolution. Maybe it could be breaking a food addiction to even adopting a style of fitness. Whatever your challenge. Go after it with with all your heart, even if you don’t think it can be done. Do it anyway because it is what needs to be done. This is the year of great exploits for God. This is the year where destinies are fulfilled, sacrifices are honored, and dreams are realized.
So what will it be for you in ’14? How do you feel about it? In other words, what is your attitude concerning this newness or commitment? Is it just another year to you? Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth having?



Happy New Year


“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

-Proverbs 16:3

What is God’s Plan for my life?

What is the next step in Ministry?

What is the answer to question 12 on today’s pop quiz?

What do I want to be when I grow up?

You may have asked some of these questions yourself? I have, and I wanted to know what the word said about it. What is the Lord’s will for my life?

For some “multitaskers” these uniquely gifted people can commit to many things; work projects, home, sports, and family each with satisfactory results. For myself (I have not fully developed this precious skill) I struggle focusing on just one of the many projects I have here.

There is hope for me, and I am fully convinced there is for you as well. The Lord knew that with the knowledge that we could posses we would encounter obstacles that easily can be conquered by our finite thinking, and he foreknew that many would try and plan without God only to succumb to their own conclusion. However, this particular verse states that whatever we do committing that subject fully to the Lord will succeed.

See my friend, in order to find the will of God we must first RECOGNIZE whose “WILL” power we are truly seeking.

This verse can seem pretty elementary to understand. I challenge you to really contemplate on these few words that speak volumes to the attuned soul.

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