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Leadership is not always pretty. I watched how the movies serve up the hero; smooth, calm and, collective. Calling the shots like a boss.
It makes me want to be like that leader or that coach we see in the movies. I watched the movie Remember the Titans. Do you remember the scene during one part of the movie the football coach was breaking the players individuality down to reveal the need for them to rise as a team. The Coach’s way of discipline may seem brutish however, it was very effective. I later had found out that this movie was based on actual events.

While watching, My friend says “man, I could totally do that!!” I simply chuckled, as I thought to myself. not because of my friends comment. I chuckled because of what I have experienced in my leadership and what I know what it takes to be that inspiring leader.

Because leaders make leadership look easy. We look to them and believe they are larger than life. We may meet them as a character in a movie, we have known them all, but five or ten minutes of the movie and when the movie gets to the climax we are rooting when the leader is victorious. We see leaders rise in emergency situations. We assume no evil befalls them.. They don’t have “craziness” going on in their life.

In reality, it is totally different. Leaders are actively working when others are just getting to work. Leaders are those who bring a solution to the complaint or question they may have.

Leaders are human. They endure family issues they carry struggles with the metaphorical “thorn in the flesh” like the apostle Paul did. They have short comings. they fight with one hand on the battle ahead and yet another building their home. True leaders will admit they are not perfect. True leaders understand that ultimately love patches the wounds in their leadership. But leaders are tough. They push when others quit. They are the ones who thrive when others die-off because they have “grit” and sheer will. Leaders continue to lead while building up their weaknesses.
Leaders purpose their days, and not allow their days to rule them. They fight to complete priorities because LEADERS ARE ones who finish.
If you want to lead, i have given you some good guidance to start.

Here is the secret: You can already do this stuff!!! You might have to square up with the reflection you see in the mirror every morning and choose to be the leader you desire to be.
I bet you have some questions-good leaders always do. I want you to have the courage to ask questions.

How do you lead where you are?

What if no one is following you?
What would Jesus do? ha ha.
what does leadership look like to you?

I hope we can discover together what it takes to lead from a biblical perspective. share you questions.
So let’s pack our bags and go on this trip together. i can assure you we both can use this..

..Thank you for reading my post I hope we can connect in the future. If you have any prayer requests, let’s connect and join in prayer together. God bless you.

Friday Focus: Serving against the Ropes.

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. (Hebrews 12:11 ESV)

Have you ever watched the Rocky series? It depicts the story of a common man who stumbles upon an uncommon opportunity. He was never really a professional fighter, he was a brawler who attempted the sport. However, as the movie continues he lands an exhibition bout against the world champion Apollo Creed. You see, to the world it was just an exhibition (an event solely for entertainment), to Rocky it was a chance to fight for the title and a new life. Rocky was not training for entertainment he was training to win.
If we parallel this to our relationship with Jesus. How would you train? Would you map and plan out your strategy? Or would you go with what seems fun and easy?
against the Ropes

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. (Hebrews 12:11 ESV)

As a minister sometimes you can feel alone in ministry. These feelings are perfectly normal. Think about this : You are a human trying you’re best to be the hands and feet of God, yeah there’s a little pressure there, I’m sure he states in His word that he will help us with our burdens if we give them to Him. It’s ok, to sit down and rest with The Lord. You need that. God wants that.

Think about that friend, God wants to shoulder our burdens. In ministry, at work, or at home. God wants to share the load. I bring this out because you are not alone . He will be with you until the end of the age Realize this in your calling whether you are a pastor or one who serves your pastor The Lord is with you in your service to the body. He will help you by the Holy Spirit if you allow him to lead in your ministry.

Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, (Hebrews 12:11, 12 ESV)

Pastor take joy in the fact that The Lord is with you to encourage you when you need to take another call. Rejoice In the knowledge of being taught by the master Shepherd, he puts the extra in extraordinary. When we serve the men and women of God we will be drained and in these times we cam draw on The Lord in worship. Do you worship The Lord with a song? I think you should, it is through our submission to Him that he strengthens us….
Now that we are spiritually settled we cam move to the practical. Three things stop us from continuing in our ministry.

1. Lack of empathy, we become desensitized toward others feelings and hurts. This puts us on the ropes due in part we have lost our compassion, and with passion lost no action will take place.
2. Lack of knowledge. Our training or lack there of could keep us benched for many reasons. We refuse to develop as a leader and as a result, immaturity can set in like an infection to which bitterness, strife, and backbiting may result. Its bad news and not ever to be toyed with. So get to school or ask of some one who is affluent in that particular area. You’ll gain a friend.
3. Lack of motivation, here is where mundane activities coupled with technical knowledge give birth to complacency. Do you remember the state you were in when You asked Jesus to be The Lord and Savior of your life? I know i was a mess. But he came in my life willingly. it hasn’t been easy since I started following after Him. Jesus has renewed who I am and I thankful for it. Do you remember when he held you? Now, take it to others, run friend, run to be the light where your impacting.

and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed. (Hebrews 12:13 ESV)

Ministers, armor bearers, when you are against the ropes remember what The Lord whispered to you in the quiet place. Remember to do it all for the glory of God. You are healed to heal others.


The Point-man

“One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. “– (Psalm 145:4)


Point man

Have you ever been on a team? It could be any sports team or fine arts. Everyone on that team has a position. A certain individual responsibility to the team and the position. In my short athletic experience (high school) I watched offensive linemen during practice that could throw and catch like they were our starting receivers and quarterbacks. These guys could be quarterbacks or receivers but, these guys were responsible for holding the line. They were responsible for creating a hedge of protection around the one that was selected. They were in charge of protecting the quarterback so the quarterback could have those precious moments to get rid of the football in hopes of scoring and winning the game before being stopped by an angry defense.
Likewise, the church has people that are vital. These men and women are designed and custom fitted to handle their positions. Some work in the foreground and others three in the background; all will be seen by almighty God. All will have the King’s attention. Think about that for a moment.
We captivate our heavenly Father when we serve our brothers and sisters to which He calls us His family. When we share what Jesus has done in our lives or even share with someone the saving knowledge of Christ. Jesus stands at the right hand of the father as your number one fan.

I beleve God is seeking out the Point Man. Men who regardless of the opposition choose to go directly into the enemy’s strongholds searching to neutralize enemy threats and bring hope to the imprisoned. Who are the ones locked up? It’s our children.
Our children are the ones who suffer from our misguidance. This includes us (me included) who are home but not connected. Of course we can justify why we work long hours and how we are not home regularly although it is when we arrive in the driveway and that moment from the engine shutting off and you getting out of the vehicle can seem like an eternity. Don’t check out of the best years of your life parent. I implore you to know your children. Invest into your children even grandchildren.
“Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior’s hands.” – (Psalms 127:4)
Growing up during the 80’s I was an A-team fan however, I watched a few episodes of MacGyver. Where the main character of the story was industrious. He could whip up something out of menial items. MacGyver had a knack of making things work; to the natural eye it was a paperclip, but to MacGyver? It was a weapon of mass destruction. I am not saying our children are objects. In the hands of God seeking warriors, our children can be weapons against the enemy of this dark world who is desperate to steal their God given rights.
We as fathers literally guide our children to their God given destination. It takes patience. I have a son and for now I am taller than him. There will come a time where he will be taller than me. I point to him as the future of our family’s legacy. He points to me as his example of living it out. Where are you directing your children?

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