#1 FAN

Recently,  my beautiful wife was preparing for a women’s ministry event.  It has been some time since she last spoke or sung in front of  such a large group, not to mention since we moved from Washington.

She was nervous- I could tell, and rather tell her to ignore those feelings I stepped out in faith and began to encourage her.  I let her know how much her joy makes me happy.  I began to share with her how much I do enjoy what she does for Jesus.  To translate in MAN: I even showed interest in what she was doing.

The thought then hit me like a truck!  Does my Teresa know that I am her #1 fan?  Really think about it brothers?  Does your bride know that you truly support her?   She should. She should know that you love her, not just in action but also in words.  Think about it men– she chose you. You should try not just once or twice but at every opportunity that you are a fan of her. When she wins you win.

1 Peter 3:7 tells us that when we dwell with our wives according to the knowledge of them… really seeing them as how God sees them…it helps us honor them.  Yes she is a woman,  but she is an extension of you (GEN 2:23).

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On a wild flight with Jesus a my pilot. Aircraft mechanic for a great Organization (words are my own). I get to serve in ministry! A work in progress called to be on His team. Jesus still saves!

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