Never Give Up

There are three words that can encourage a person to greatness. You see it said in the movies especially towards the end. Whether it’s two more steps or four yards to freedom, the hero will not give up because victory is in his/her grasp.
What about about the average soldier in the army of the Lord? The soldier fights in prayer, the soldier studies the mission, (the word) for in it lies the victory, then the obstacle presents itself-thus begins the battle. The war rages and soon the Christian is faced with a decision to either accept the defeat of having their friend they have spent time sharing the gospel reject the Lords’ invitation or remember that the battle is not for the soldier to fight, rather it is the Lord’s.
Don’t give up friend, continue to share what the Lord has done for all of us, his saving message is what needs to be heard. Youth ministry is HARD and that can seem like an understatement, but you LEADER were called there for such a time as this. You were called to never give up, or throw your hands up when the going gets rough.  Never give up being Jesus’s hands and feet. Complete the connection of your students heart to the heart of the father. Remember, in the end He wins…….. that is what was on my mind, how about yours?


On a wild flight with Jesus a my pilot. Aircraft mechanic for a great Organization (words are my own). I get to serve in ministry! A work in progress called to be on His team. Jesus still saves!

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