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Full Throttle

Colossians 3:17

17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

This goes further than to who you represent. It is a call to individuallity. Most athletes have heard the phrase;  there is no I in the word team, but there’s an I in the  word WIN.
Your talent plus the hours you spend refining your craft multiplied by each team member doing likewise equals the victory over the opposing force.
If you are in right relationship with God. I want to encourage you to get out there and live! Live life as if your throttle is stuck at max power. Change your surroundings for the glory of God. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you become the change you seek. Dr. Tony Evans said in a mesage

people are crucified between two crosses: yesterday and tommorow.

It can be easy to think that you have time. Friend, that is further from the truth. Make an impact today. Choose today to show God thankfulness and live your life to the fullest.

Carpe “ME” um……

Not many self help books revolutionize your thinking like the Bible. If we looked at the bible as we look at self help books and not a history book, it’s pages become alive and the inspiration that fills this record, fills you!!
You look at wisdom differently. Finances differently, relationships, finding a mate, finding your purpose, finding Gods voice, oh yes, it’s in there. God cares much about you, not so you can be only be rich, He cares most for your soul. Period, the end game of this life is to be with Jesus in heaven. He leaves us His letter (the bible) in the hope that at the end of our appointed time we find Him.

Do we find him? Or should I ask , do we look for him?  There Is a Greek phrase that has been quoted over many generations, carpe’ diem when translated it means “to seize the day.” To be proactive and control your day by not allowing the day to control you!  To quote a familiar phrase; “Live FULL and Die EMPTY.”  It means to be purpose-full.  It is too easy to be  into the regular day to day operations of what your tasks are that you can forget what pulled you to run the ministry or business in the first place.  If your ever stuck here’s a couple  “hacks” that have helped us out.

1. Recognize that you need to go to the manufacturer.    Suppose  your vehicle had an issue that was vital to its serviceability?  I know for me I would take it back to the dealer in hopes the manufacturer would correct it.  Life can be like that, this is where we must go to our manufacturer regularly to ensure we are living lives that are at peak LEVEL rather than weak LEVEL. Allow the Lord to seize your life’s direction and watch the adventure unfold.  It’s only scary if your not in communication with God through prayer.

2.  Commit to solution, reject pollution!  When the solution is found commit to only  thinking about the solution of the matter, everything contrary is irrelevant.  Haters will hate, that is their nature.  COMMIT TO SOLUTION!!!!

I hope these words have encouraged you. Maybe you could share this with a friend or even mention what you found to others. Listen, We are Praying for you! Have a blessed day!!

Who do you love?

What if you had been diagnosed with an incurable sickness and diagnosed with less than six months to live? Would you feel differently? No,!? How about three months??? What is your passion? What thing you enjoy makes you say to yourself if they never pay me or give me another raise i would still do this?? Friend, that is your passion. Everyone has one, it is our unique gift that we can share with the world.
Show me what your checkbook looks like, and i will show you where your focus is. But describe to me your day and i should see what you love.  If i don’t?  How do you feel about that? Are you doing what you must because you choose too? What do you love? The bible records in the book of Matthew where your treasure is, your heart is there also. What is your treasure? I heard a saying in high school that “if you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life..” I don’t know how true that is now almost 18 years later. But I know it makes the long hours bearable. It makes things you don’t enjoy drive you to go after what you want to do. It forces you to remain when you want to quit because it helps “pay the bills” while you work closer to your goal.

God has so much in-store for you, if you allow him your attention, not a minute or two at dinner time but an ongoing developing friendship. He can speak to you through his word. In your prayer time as well. Sure, I have heard from many that you really don’t hear anything in prayer. i get that. could it be that your life is turned up so where you don’t hear? Maybe you could turn down for Him?

I heard one of my favorite speakers say that the graveyard is where untapped ideas and hopes lay at rest in torment. Angry at the paradox they died with the only one that could have set them free and chose not to. My friend I don’t know what is worst. Know that I would die or, know that I had died and never lived. It’s not to late to follow after what makes you smile.. Praying for you to know your purpose and go after your dream.


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