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Amazing, we had a small celebration at the house this morning. This is the first year that my son has stayed up till midnight , the party was more for him. But we did have a great time. So this morning as I write you what I believe our theme is for the year many thoughts come to mind.  I have been praying asking the Lord to guide me.  I don’t want to follow what’s popular yet , I don’t want to be to spooky either, ha ha.  So  I believe my theme this year is “seek Him.”  

  Seek the Lord while he is able to be found!  All that I hope and set out to do will glorify him this year.  I resolve to know him more and to share with you the reader things that have struck and stay with me. You are in for a wild ride, maybe through the adventures that I share, it may bring you to know Him yourself. I hope you stick with me on the journey to fulfilling purpose and destiny.  Not just in mine but yours as well. Take care and God bless you!

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