Ministry Update

Ministry Update 2018…..It’s happening

Welcome to our website. Teresa and I thank you for visiting us.  We hope you are blessed and encouraged by our posts and updates. This year is incredible and it is only the beginning! We look forward to God directing our steps.

Here’s a thought, I realize with each passing day is a day closer to what I believe God has destined for us as a family and the burden we share for ministry. Teresa and I have been discussing our direction with the blog and the expectations we desire as a result.  This helped us see where we can improve not only in serving the Lord but also each other as husband and wife.  As we prayed and talked, and prayed again we believe the Lord has given our underwriting message for this year and

Our focus for this year started early in December.  I was looking at my life in all areas evaluating its present state.  I had my journal with me for many weeks hoping to get something from God.  Then, on my day off I was praying and this time being intentional in my prayer about ministry and the blog.

Later that day I felt the Holy Spirit impress on my heart the words: Sowing, growing, harvest.  I don’t want to be cryptic or spooky. There was not a beam of light shining or a dove flying above me.  I felt the Lord gave me the impression that it is time this year to sow.

To add value. To bloom where I am planted.  To give more, to pray more and to fast (yikes).  This year is a year for me to be stretched in all areas. Physically, spiritually and emotionally as a Dad, Son, and Husband.  I am convinced that the Lord wants this year to be the best year yet. this takes leaving the safe and familiar. It takes time. It takes sowing.

The Year 2017 “ALL IN”

Teresa and I spoke about what our theme would be for this years Blog at escalanteministries. We had many experiences The Lord has given us. Here are is a few:

    • Teresa’s producing an album with The Crew.
    • Moving from the California desert to the East Coast.
    • Starting work in a new city.
    • College.
    • Our little one starting first grade.
    • Searching for a church to serve in and call home.
    • Our home buying experience
    • Deployment
    • My horrible attempt at golf. Ha-ha.

Through it all we have relied on Jesus to keep us safe through our adventures. I must tell you that it is nice to be on the completed side of our experiences. It was not easy but we have the victory in Jesus. Glory belongs to Him! So what is our theme for this year Our theme is simple it is “ALL IN” to be fully persuaded that the Lord is for us. He is in our corner.

It’s that moment that after you have won the match you turn to your corner and realize. That those in your corner who walked with you, trained with you and helped you were doing it not for themselves, but to see you win. The general crowd may rejoice with you in your accomplishment however, those who were in your corner are genuinely happy for you.

Those who navigate through the challenge of support, reap the rewards of a blessed life. Could it be because, they are fully invested in helping the person succeed, More-so than the success itself?

I have been blessed with many who invested in me during my life so far. When I didn’t win, they were there to encourage and build me up. It pushed me to do better. You could be saying “yeah but I don’t have that?” I understand you. When no one was there for me, I had to encourage my-self. I understand it is easier said than done. Remember even if you think you’re alone? I am fully convinced that you are not alone! Jesus is there. Closer than the air you are breathing folks in your local bible based church are there. So What does ALL IN mean? Where does it come from what does the bible say about being all in? How can I change my life so that it reflects becoming all in? We are all in this world yet many are not “all in”. How does that work. This year Teresa and I are committed to sharing with you are insights of this inexpensive phrase that is priceless, won’t you join is in becoming


September 2014,


Teresa and I want to send a huge thank you to all our prayer partners, supporters and you the readers of this blog. Our prayer is that you will read these posts and be encouraged. Thank you again for spending some moments with us!!!!!!!!! So what does September hold for us? That is such a good question. Team Escalante is pumped up and excited . This month is filled with birthdays anniversaries and much more. Michael is awaiting his next set of orders to transfer duty stations. Teresa is working really hard with the gospel group “the crew”, as they are preparing for their CD release party. It will be released in November available on-line and ready for download.


Our commitment to the Lord’s leading has not changed, where ever it may take us we know it is because the Lord wants us there. Teresa and I Love to pray for and assist churches and ministries. we believe that we are called to inspire churches to band together and stand BESIDE their pastor to support the fulfillment of the Vision God has given the local body to reach the city with the love and message of Christ. We desire to partner with you in prayer and visit if we can. we know that it is lonely for Pastoral leadership and their families. I must tell you that you’re not alone. you have almighty God. That my friend, is enough. We don’t have any schemes or any tricks. We are a family that has seen ministry first hand and want to propel leaders to their fullest potential. we are here to pray with you. Send us a comment

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