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DAD: Unsung Hero…

This Weekend in many homes across America, a patriarch will be honored by his family. His children and his grandchildren will gather around the Man who deserves to be honored. For all the selfless acts he suffered to the moments when he literally became a real-life superhero.


Have you ever considered your pastor or men’s ministry leader a type of father figure? One who mentors you, can pray with you and for you during times of unrest. He is willing to walk with you if you decide to “man-up” and ask him (if that stung a little, sorry)?

This is one area that a church can really impact a community for the cause of Christ. If Men who are called by the name of the Lord, would humbly call out to the Lord and become the church her hands and feet. To do things afraid, pushing past the comfort zone and tell people about Jesus.

Men are falling ONE-by-ONE

Men are falling ONE-by-ONE succumbing to a distorted societal impression of who God has designed them to be. This is not the new style or wardrobe that a man may use, but rather the inside heart of what makes a man tick. This causes us to adopt inaccurate sources instead of looking to God for what he has created us to do. This is not Macho talk it’s real talk!!

“I want my Son to go further than I, it is my job as his Dad to fully use my life and set the bar high.”


The Reasons vary, from fathers leaving without explanation to fathers not communicating effectively. My dad was in my life. But it was hard. For him and my brother and I.  he didn’t make it o all my football games and the two times he went to my wrestling matches I lost. He told me mean things and cussed me out a lot. BUT, he always made sure that we were taken care of. I will always respect him for that!  I knew that this was the best he could do. Somewhere deep inside of my dad, beneath the tough guy frame is a dad who wants the best for his kids. To know that he loves me even if it’s with a few swear words, ha-ha.

Each of us have the power to change our family tree. To change as dad’s giving the best we can with what we have.  If what we got is not enough then lets look to some of the Old-timers and bring back old school manner’s like firm handshakes and looking people in the eye (not offensively, of course). To know the value of hard work. Even if its with modern technology like marketing. Bring back teaching our kiddos values and where these truths come from.

This Gives our next generation to triumph over the things that have preoccupied our time. This is the way of life, I can speak for me when I say that I want my Son to go further than I do, it is my job as his Dad to fully use my life and set the bar high as I can and encourage him to go for it. my prayer for you as a Man and as a DAD is to let you know that you are not alone. We are like neighbors within the same internet. Let’s band together as brother’s and encourage, pray and teach each other some things so our boys and girls have a fighting chance to break free from the status quo and chart their own course.

What are some “MANners” that should make a comeback?  If you like what you read consider sharing it. if you would like to read about a topic you would like? Leave a comment below.

Father’s day is this weekend…..

Fathers day is around the corner. I know for some we are still trying to find the right gift. What will it be this year? Could it be another tie? What about those socks you got him last year? How about the 20 bucks you owe him, ha-ha only kidding… seriously though.

….This can also be a sobering holiday as those will experience the first Fathers day with out their father to honor. It is a sobering thought. If that is you, I hope these words communicate that you are not alone. I lost my uncle over the weekend. I cannot understand the emotions they must be facing. I hope they were able to say things that needed to be said but i don’t know, we haven’t really spoke in a while. They live in a different country. I know my uncle loved his kids. Like i know that my dad loves me. Like i know for a fact that Jesus loves you.

Having Jesus in our lives does not soften the punches from life, it means when we have a God in our corner. He is telling us that he loves us and he will never leave us. His words to us will never pass away. His love for us is everlasting. God is there in your corner telling you that ” you can make it” even when it was you who started the fight in the first place. He is with you, in every battle just read Psalm 139 for the particular’s……..

Perhaps friend, you and your dad are not speaking. Maybe you never talked to your dad because he was not in your world growing up. I want you to know that Jesus sees you where you are and has counted every sigh in desperation and tear shed in hopelessness. If you want the truth, Jesus knows what it’s like to have his father leave him, too. Jesus wanted that to happen so that you (yes, you) could have a father you can talk too. Whenever. Whatever it is. God can handle it. By trusting in him calling out to him like you would a close friend and reading the bible daily. You will begin to understand the heart of the father to the fatherless. The one who cares also for the widows.

This fathers day, make it special by going to your local church and enjoy the experience it is to be in the Father’s house. Consider giving your control over to his way of doing things? You might be surprised by the outcomes. Surround yourself with those who believe in God and ask for prayer. I have to run, think about it,  See you at church this Sunday..

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