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Man to man: Prep your face.


Shaving is usually a three step process: Pre-shave, Shave, and Post-shave. Men who paint for a living understand that the key to a good paint job, is in the prep work. So as a man in Christ, how do we prep our walk with God?
There are some rough spots in my (I’ll speak for me on this one) my life. I have chipped paint left by angry episodes, loneliness and drama. Living through life has left some serious scratches and dings on me. Do I really think I can fix all these issues that have jaded me? The answer is: I can’t!
I can’t fix myself any more than a car can fix its own problems when the engine light comes on. I start the process by recognition. I realize my dependence on God and how doing things  my way brought me to this point. It’s not easy, you have to lather up the courage to reach out to God. Believe that he accepts you and wants to know you as you know him with open arms. Remember he is always reaching out to you.

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