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Join the Team

I have heard it said that “you can’t win a championship if you don’t get on a team”.   While others may dispute the validity of this statement, I believe it is also true for the body of Christ.

The church as a whole needs people who are willing to serve and take part in their local congregations.  When we serve in the church we call our church-home,  it is as though the Lord breaks the walls that distinguish what is called a surviving church to a thriving church.  Blessings are poured out on the congregation because it has been awakened from the lulls of its selfishness and pride (more on that in a later blog). Such as; prayers being answered, marriages healed, children return to the Lord, and people are freed from sickness and immorality.

Joining the team reveals your identity. Over the many years that I have worked my uniforms have changed, although one thing remains- my uniform reveals my position.  It shows those with whom you come in contact with what and who you represent.  It lets others know what they can or cannot expect from you.  For example, suppose I needed a fire to be put out, I would go to a fire fighter before I would go to a policeman because of what the fire fighters title represents. I would expect that the fire can be extinguished because I have confidence in that firefighter’s ability due to his training and years of expertise.   Although I may not know him personally, I recognize the uniform. Can we get others to recognize that we are sent and called to be a blessing?

Allow me to ask you this?  When was the last time you ever thanked your pastor for his un-ending service to you and your family?  Can you recall a moment that your pastor was there for you  in your troubling hour? If I may ask again?  When was the last time you had prayed for your pastor and his family?

I want to encourage the Christian who feels that they  may not have a skill to go and serve anyway. Serve with a willing heart.  Serve  as though your life depended on it.  Pray, share prayers, literally be the church. Then something will happen.  A dynamic change will occur simply because you and I made time to help our pastor fulfill the God-given vision for this church.

It’s time to join the team!



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