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Friday Focus: Pray

Pray for your Pastor. Pray for the spiritual leadership that shepherds your soul, pointing you in the loving arms of Jesus.  Pray for the one who is awakened at night to pray not for his own circumstances (which can be many) rather the prayer request that you send him.

  Living life can feel lonely, as if no one seems to take an interest in you.  You may feel as if you don’t fit in or even worse you may feel as if life could possibly be better without you. IT WON’T!!!
You were created for a purpose. Fearfully and wonderfully hand crafted for a reason known only to God
This is one of the many reasons your Pastor comes back to the platform Sunday after Sunday-because people matter. You matter and your family matters. Who administers to the Minister? We do. The leaders and church family of his congregation.  We are all co-laborers with Christ sharing in the “seeking and saving the lost” so who better to pray for and with than our Pastor.  He is a human just as we are. Praying for our leadership helps us remain humble in business and in ministry. It also helps us develop our character and through time it deepens our relationship with God.
Expose a ministerial staff that is bitter,  lethargic and critical and I venture to say that prayer is lacking both as a team as well as privately.  We as humans need prayer. Without it we fall back into our sinful nature. If left unchecked it leads to catastrophic decisions. You and your church staff and congregation should pray collectively. Seek the Father as a team and watch the Lord reward openly.

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