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Friday Focus: Serve in love

Serve in love…

No one enjoys having a cold sore- because they hurt, and whoever you speak to does not listen to anything you say because they are fixated on “that thing” on your lip. At least that is what we may perceive. So what do cold sores have to do with serving? Well let me take you on a trip. My son is such an awesome young man! I love him for who he is and who God is making him to be. This weeks focus is on serving with love. Anyway, he wanted a drink of my beverage, but I had a cold sore and my wife shouted “don’t use his straw! Look, Daddy has an ouchie on his lip!” To my surprise my son grabbed my cheeks, looked at my sore, then looked at me straight in the eye and says “I don’t see an ouchie, I see my daddy and I love him.”
I was expecting to hear an “ewe that’s gross”. He did what I believe our focus should be this week when we serve in our ministries or jobs. We should serve with love. Serving with love is not weakness. Serving in love is like, on the eve of your betrayal after dinner you grab a towel and basin to wash your students feet. Serving in love is waiting for the master to just say the word for your daughter to be healed. Serving in love is helping a victim even to the point where your’re paying for his expenses while others have passed him by.
Serving in love is healing the hurts, loving them through it, like Jesus.


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