Friday Focus: moving from rent to own.

hey thanks for reading, i was inspired by one of the chapters our small group had read. the name of the curriculum is titled FREWAY. It is about re- discovery of the way our Heavenly father would want us to live. This chapter was talking about how we need to own our responses to situations. I would use this principal to apply in my ministry.


I am convinced that the level of our service is contingent upon our perception of belonging in the ministry or loyalty to the vision of the church. That means my ministry will grow only if I take ownership.
What if our attitude of ministry was likened to living in a home.
What if you don’t own? Then your renting.
Rent is due a certain time every month. It can be defined with a date and time. We pay rent because we live there, that is our base of operations and where we keep our possessions, it provides shelter for our family. but we don’t own it, we are just renting. If there is a leaky faucet? Not my problem, it belongs to someone else. I don’t own it. The landlord does. I’m just owning the home part time.

It is not our house, we are just renting. When a problem happens in the home, you call the land Lord to correct it. after all, he owns the property, he has invested his resources into the area you are only in possession of for a time and if you dont like it? you can move. Think about this: the owner chooses you to be in his property in exchange for your money that you pay regularly. Physically, money cannot keep you protected from the elements. Nor could it have kept you fed in short, it is a resource that you exchange for something tangible.

Did you notice the mindset for both the owner and the renter? What type of person are you in ministry? Are you an owner or a renter? Just like home owners, those who lead have a sense of ownership they have vision and purpose for their ministry. They have expectations. They meet The Lord while in motion not sitting on the side lines. Now being an owner does not mean you’re the pastor. It takes all of us as leaders to develop that ownership. I am reminded of when I was in Washington and I was in my spiritual Dad’s church. he is a great man of God! I wanted to be like him so I did what he did. When I saw him clean the church I knew I cleaned the church if there was papers or trash underneath the seats I would pick it up helping keep my church clean and neat. Then when I helped in the Sound booth I did my best. I immersed myself into it. I had no clue how to run a sound system but I had a heart to do it. I did it and God met me while i was in motion, it was a blessing.
I moved from just renting; checking in, checking out of ministry to taking ownership of it!
The benefits of owning far outweigh any benefit of renting. I hope you take ownership of your ministry. Ask the hard questions. When you find it’s you’re fault? Don’t beat yourself up. Own it and rejoice in the fact that you have something to do with the turnaround. Have a great week. Teresa & I are praying for you, be encouraged…

– Mike

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