Our Marriage is over…..

2015 I believe is the year of reclamation. so how do I as a God fearing man redeem love in my marriage? Good question. The Answer? in short, the Holy Spirit. Now here is the essay answer:

My marriage was great! In fact, it was glorious. But it has run its course and NOW IS OVER…….

Before I get the “stink-face”, stay with me.

I wrote the header above in part because I have heard this often in my career even in myself. I heard this not as a Minister but working as a Mechanic with co-workers underneath the jet with our arms up in an aircraft engine in the heat of the day with sweat jumping off our faces. Divorce affects everyone and right now you’re seeing your marriage as over and with that thought it will be. Although it does not have to be!!!

When you were married promises were made; you to your spouse and vice versa. God made a promise to both of you. not that you will win the lotto or be famous. He promised that no one will tear you both apart from each other. That being said you have a “Silent Partner” within your marriage called the Holy Spirit. let me assure you that trying to fix your marriage by yourself within your own strength is about as effective trying to stop a train on a dime even at moderate speed.

Here it is Superman. Your marriage has ended in the way you have seen it. Try loving your spouse in the way Christ loves the church. if you need outside help, get it!!! True, Jesus does not get pestered to take the trash out or even why he left the seat up. but he does get told what HIS kid did that day. All joking aside. Praying and asking the Holy Spirit to help you and guide you to a better marriage is thee only way to begin your marriage afresh.. thank you for reading and I pray that your marriage will prosper even as your soul prospers.

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I was a young man who worked for a great organization "Forged by the Sea." Now I'm an old head kicking back on the east side; where the sun doesn't set. I'm a man who is pursuing his contributions to the world. I'm not perfect. In fact, a work in progress until Jesus takes me home. Philippians 1:6

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