What does it take?- DM Escalante

I like oldies but goodies. I’m not going to lie to you and say that I don’t listen to them. Every now and then I do. It played a part of who I was. the songs had shaped my viewpoint. My earliest memories of listening to oldies, are when I lived in California, laying on a blanket in the front of the house with the radio playing out the sounds of Earth, Wind and, Fire, The Platters, Sly Slick, and the Wicked. Wow, what a name that is.
The songs were messages of love for those who didn’t know how to express themselves. I remember the dedications. Callers would call in and leave a message to the D.J.  The callers would request a song and leave a shout-out to who it was for. Everyone would listen to the declarations of lovers across the city or valley, though they were not always together the songs would send each other a glorious moment that each listener was witnessing precious moments between two lovers.  It was the age of cruising and of late nights at “lookout point” Memories of el monte serenading two lovers. I felt a feeling of belonging that nothing could compare to.
Have you ever felt that? Have you ever felt a feeling of being safe, wrapped in the arms of someone who cared for you in the purest form? Man, songs like that can take a person down a myriad of emotions of times gone by but, not forgotten. Growing up I learned how love was through music. Sometimes I needed reminding. I think what made it special for me was the melodies.
The sharps and flats, that spoke volumes to my ears. I was a boy then and didn’t know what love was. As I grew into a man, with my lady on my side these songs speak to me more. I can identify what it does take to win her heart. 
See, before I met the Lord I thought the love I knew was pure and special. I thought that through these songs I was being serenaded into passion and life. When I met Jesus and he said I love you to me. Brother, that was a feeling deeper than any song could reach.
What it takes is a moment to change your life for the better. Even when you feel off or something that is missing from you. God’s love is completely lacking nothing and it is true; you can get swept under the emotion of song but without action, it is mere words. The Love of God is like that the love that God has for us is pure and true. He wants us to be with him forever, this present life may have it all but; it does not have God-no song can express what God can. What God did was he saw that there was a separation between his creation and him. Us his people he wants us to be with him however the chasm of sin created a barrier that even though he wants us to be with him he can’t why because God is without sin. God is the creator pure and truthful despite what truth you identify with it God is the ultimate presiding authority.  You can’t argue the truth with God because we will lose.   So what does it take to be with God? Atonement. A way to remove the sin and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. To build the bridge so that we may enter into his presence and see his grace.  But what does it take? It takes someone who is without sin to become the one who would take our place, who would sacrifice himself and endure the consequences and be in our place to accept the penalty for all our wrongdoings. What does it take? Jesus Jesus who was a miracle in and of himself to be the one to take our place and yes be the one who would take our place and endure the judgment that he didn’t earn but we did and we should be in his place but Jesus said no. Jesus stepped into our mess and pulled each of those who believe in him who took out a place to bring us to his father God he gave the gift of himself so that when God sees us we are clean and made new because of what Jesus had done. He died once so those who believe would not have to. You can be macho about it now but that fear will grip you tight. Have you ever felt like there was no way out? I have smelt the fear of being alone unloved and abandoned.    So what does it take to know the creator  Believe                Believe that God is true and that he sent Jesus his son to take our place and allow us to know his father? Believe that by adopting Jesus as our Lord and living in a way that would please God Jesus will answer to God and adopt us into his family. There is a song that rings true called “it’s a thin line between love and hate” though the song is describing a wayward lover there is indeed a line and you and I are walking it every day. What side should we want to be on is our choice but the penalty for both is unchanged and cannot become undone to fit your view.  We walk the line and can stumble on which side are you on what it takes is you to walk and deal with the consequences to choose your hard as many would say. 
That is what it takes

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