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With this ring…….

     I remember my wedding day. we were two teenagers “in love” with hardly any money and big dreams.  Our humble ceremony was in Spanish because we attended a Spanish American church. Our Pastors loved us, they opened their hearts to us.  Sharing stories of their early years in marriage and in ministry evangelizing in south America and pastoring in Visalia, California.  I have to be honest it touched my “feels” when they shared their heart for the city we lived in.  When Teresa and I were looking for an area to hold our ceremony.

     We were denied many venues but, It was our pastors (Hermano and Hermana Gamez) who opened their homes to have the ceremony.  So there we were, in their living room pledging our vows and wearing our best.

I heard those words when translated “with this ring, I thee wed”  (in Spanish) many years after that day,  I want to share with you how these words can help you take your marriage to the next level.

Guys, wouldn’t you agree that it can be very easy to forget details about our wedding?  The media would have us believe we can’t remember how to make a sandwich, let alone a special day like our marriage. I can remember bits and details after almost 26 years but it is these moments that my wife wants to cherish.  if we could cherish the declaration of our love to our spouse when we repeated after the Pastor “With this ring.”

I have learned that it is a declaration that is more than words but a liken these words to a declaration of war!  “With this ring”  is a statement that I made to my spouse as a solemn affirmation of what we are undertaking.  Yeah buddy it is that serious.  I forget sometimes you know?  I get that it is my spouse who is my “through-thick-and-thin” friend. We have a kid together and live life together, it is for this reason that when I look at my ring no matter when or where I am at when I look at my ring I see that I signed up for this. That ring represents my declaration; my responsibility.

What do you see when you look at your ring/ marriage? Let me know in the comments

If you were, to be honest with yourself are you happy with your marriage how it is going and the direction it is going? I am not perfect, but I will share with you what helps me. come back and check us out or even better subscribe.

What do you find challenging as a husband?

Ready for spring? -D.M. Escalante

How is your 2022? Mine is ok. I am working on a new schedule. I will share what is going on with #teamescalante here soon but for now I wanted to check in to see how you were doing? What new thing happened this week? How are you doing on reaching your goals? Well that will do for right now. cant wait to meet regularly.

On the wrong foot….-D.M. Escalante-

I hope this post finds you doing well.  How was your Holiday?  Were you able to enjoy it?  As the new year begins, I wanted to wish everyone a prosperous new year. I even sent out a post. However, only the headline was published. Oh man?

I started the year off on the wrong foot.


How could I have allowed this? Am I the only one that started off the new year incorrectly?  Is there such a thing as “blog post-forgiveness?” sorry for that.

What will this year hold for us?  This is the year for growing.

I hope to grow as a blogger.  I believe this is the year where I will be able to connect more with the blog.

One thing I do know, we are in it together.  You and me.

What are your goals?  Did you happen to eat that doughnut even though you said you weren’t?  Did you forget to pack the gym clothes for your “365-day” fitness challenge?  Whatever or wherever you may have missed the mark, I encourage you to get up and try again!

Last year, after taking some inventory I realized I am in the best years of my life and I have not met the benchmarks that I had set for myself.  Have you ever felt like that?

It is with this year that I will make a change.  I will move forward.  It will take lots of work meaning using faith.  I believe I am not the only one, let me know by leaving a comment on what your plan is for this year.

I wish you a most progressive new year.  I pray that you find blessings this year with every step you take.

Let’s get after it


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